Sunday, 3 February 2013

Ibiza 2012

Title : Ibiza Global Radio
Format : Digital
Location : Ibiza
Artist : Jess Summerson

During our summer in Ibiza, the ears of all had to be directed to the radio stations that pumped out exceptional music 24/7. There was nothing better than driving round the remote sides of the island, knowing that at any time you could flick on the radio and wonderful music would be coming out. 

This week I am featuring Ibiza Global Radio. Set just off the main road to Ibiza town, this little unassuming building was a hive of activity, often treating us to some fantastic sets by guest DJs that were on the island. It's the Ibiza radio stations that help bridge the gap between the club and your bed. Next week I will be featuring Ibiza Sonica. 

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